Cross Crusade Day 2 2015 Alpenrose Dairy

Today marks day 2 of the Cross Crusade at Alpenrose Dairy, one of if not the premier cyclocross races in the country, and my first time in attendance for four years. Unfortunately I'm out with a knee injury so no racing for me meant a trip to see the A's jump some barriers as elegantly demonstrated by Sean Haidet in the above photo, and not so elegantly demonstrated by the rider on the ground in the below photo.  


Luckily it looks like no one was seriously injured in the A field although there were numerous crashes. Overall it was a fantastic day out there and I can't wait till next weekend. As always all photos are posted on my facebook page (I'm pretty sure I got a shot of everyone at the 1:15 race), and if you like my work make sure to keep up to date with my instagram . If you would like a print send me an email.

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