RED Battery Belt Clip Rod Mount

RED Battery Belt Clip Rod Mount


This product adds 15mm LWS rod mounting to your RED Battery Belt Clip. A must have for quick transitions from handheld, drone, or MoVi to a tripod based setup. Extends the usability of your RED Jetpack module so that you can attach the battery to any 15mm LWS rod based setup reducing the number of necessary module changes on rapidly moving sets. Durability tested for over a year on sets all around the world, I’ve yet to have one break on me. 2 Year warranty, if it breaks send it back and I’ll send you a new one.

Printed from PETG for on set durability.

Finished products include two adjustable handles to tighten on 15mm rods not shown in prototype pictures.

NOTE: Products are made to order, please allow 10 business days for shipping. This product does not include the RED DSMC Battery Belt Clip, it simply attaches to one and extends usability.

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